The last season of ‘Dexter’ was disappointing several times. But why only the last season? Except for the first two and the Trinity season, all the others seemed fragmented, rushed, and lacking important psychological elements. The elusive, cold-blooded, and secretive Dexter eventually becomes almost a mass murderer by the end, and then just an ORDINARY person. How could it happen that only the dim-witted Batista didn’t know the protagonist’s secret, while in Miami, you can’t throw a rock without hitting someone who knows that Dexter is a maniac and a killer?

It seems like by the end, the creators of ‘Dexter’ were simply tired and wanted one thing - to wrap it up.

By the way, ‘Dexter’ is not the only one that stood out for its excessive haste. Shows like ‘Alcatraz’, ‘The Suspects’, and many others try to cram almost the entire plot into each, especially the first episode! In contrast to ‘Lost’, where the narrative unfolded incredibly slowly, leaving the question - what’s going on there?

Here’s a great video featuring a speech by J.J. Abrams.