In 2011, in collaboration with our partner “Cheil Russia,” our team at RedMadRobot launched several branded applications to support the marketing of the new Samsung Galaxy brand. All applications were distributed locally, usually as pre-installed demos on devices. The project was characterized by native JAVA applications, tablet-specific layouts, tight deadlines, and direct device installation bypassing the Google app store.

Design ACT 2011

The DESIGN ACT International Design Festival welcomed visitors for the fifth time at its new location in Gorky Park. The application helped visitors navigate the venue, discover details and insights about the exhibits, observe global trends in modern industrial design, and meet leading designers and their works.

Galaxy Kino

Areas with interactive stands for movie promos. Trailers, descriptions, and actors at the fingertips of movie enthusiasts.

Galaxy Note

Приложение 360°

The 360° Contemporary Science Film Festival — a film festival first held in 2011 by the Polytechnic Museum in collaboration with the Skolkovo Foundation and the Open University of Skolkovo, supported by the Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy, and Entrepreneurship.